APC Pre 10am service

Category: APC Service News

Dear valued Customer,


We trust that this note finds you well and that your business is adjusting to the impact of the current national lockdown.


At Direct Express Logistics & Western Couriers Ltd we, along with the 100 other APC network depots and the central APC hub, have been reviewing our safety measures and preparing for further impact of COVID-19 on our operation.


Although we have measures in place, what is uncertain is the degree to which sudden and unpredictable absences caused by COVID-19 will have on our service ability. Whilst we have back up resource planned, especially for drivers, it is possible that sudden service delays may occur, and it is important that we set this expectation with you. When we do experience an impact on service, we will of course work to recover these delays quickly with minimal impact to your delivery, but this may not always be as speedy as we would like.


The APC have also had to suspend the 10am service offering for the duration of the national lockdown period, our 12am noon service will still be available where applicable during this period.


We will update you in the event where we have acute service issues and assure you that we remain committed to providing you with the best possible service in these circumstances and thank you for your support and patience during this Lockdown.