Customer Thank you

Category: APC Service News

Following a nationwide IT issue relating to Java, we received the following email from one of our valued customers:

Thank-you so much for this and also for all the help your teams gave us when there were the problems. We had a challenge on Friday also printing up the Labels and had 13 orders to go out and your driver and teams were brilliant – just having us pop the consignment notes on the parcels for your team to then print the labels for us. I just wanted to pass on the thanks for the excellent customer service you all gave. I can only begin to imagine the amount of extra work all your staff must have had printing all the labels up for everyone, so just wanted to give credit where it is due and pass on our thanks for here at headsets4business. People are often quick to complain when something goes wrong, but not everyone says thank-you when something has been done excellently. The way you all handled this was a prime example of excellent customer service – so Thank-you all for all that you did.

Warmest regards

Leah Hemsley,