Guide To Commercial Invoices

Category: International

Commercial Invoices – These are required for International Non Document Consignments except the following EU countries –


These EU Countries Do Not Require a Commercial Invoice –


Austria * Greece * Netherlands

Belgium * Hungary * Poland

Cyprus * Ireland * Portugal

Czech Republic * Italy * Slovakia

Denmark * Latvia * Slovenia

Estonia * Lithuania * Sweden

Finland * Luxembourg * Spain – Excluding Canary Islands


Information Required on a Commercial Invoice –

Ideally on company letterhead

Invoice Type – “Commercial Invoice”

Recipients Name – Address – Zip/area Code – Telephone Number including area code

Senders VAT Number – Senders EORI Number – Invoice Number – Date of Invoice

Quantity and full description of goods

Total Weight

Total value & currency

Country of manufacture

Type of export (temporary or permanent)

I declare all the information contained in this invoice to be true and correct

Signature or company stamp – Name of signatory typed

4 copies of the above to be secured to outside of the consignment ideally in a docs enclosed envelope


Our online booking service offers a facility to print a commercial invoice for you – saving you time and effort.



Volumetric Formula

DEL will use the universal volumetric formula to establish a volumetric weight.

DEL will charge whichever is the greater the actual weight or the volumetric weight.

Height  X Width X Length = __________ divide by 5000 = volumetric weight (dimensions in centimetres)

Example 30 X 40 X 30 cm = 36,000 divide by 5000 = 7.2kg



The following items are prohibited via our International Delivery Services –

* Antiques * Aerosols * Cash

* Dangerous Goods * Dry Ice * Firearms

* Jewellery * Perishables * Seeds

* Travellers Cheques * Champagne * Explosives

* Furs * Narcotics or illegal drugs

* Plants * Shipside spares * Bonds

* Human Remains * Livestock * Pornography

* Works of Art * Bullion * Cut Flowers

* Ivory * Negotiable Stocks * Precious Stones/Metals

*Credit Cards


There are some restrictions on these following items –

* Pharmaceuticals * Cosmetics * Liquids/Alcohol


Size Restrictions

The simple way to make sure your box fits our services is to measure the length of the two shortest sides and add them together. Then multiply this by two and add the length of the longest side to that figure. If the total of all this adds up to less than 330cm then your shipment can be sent on our services.

Any one item cannot exceed 32kg.