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DEL International Online Booking Instructions – “We’re here to help”


The website address is –

You will have been provided with your online login and password, if not please contact your local branch.


If you are sending non-documents you will need to know the weight and dimensions of the items you wish to send, along with the full delivery address including Zip/Postcode, contact recipient, telephone number. If you already use us for UK deliveries you will need to use this separate login for your International deliveries.


Order Details

JOB TYPE – This is defaulted to ‘Here to There’

YOUR REFERENCE – You can use this field if you wish to have a reference number/name to appear on your invoice from us to you.

COST CENTRE – Please leave this field blank


Destination Details

Select the destination Country from the alphabetical drop down box.

Complete the fields for the full delivery address including delivery contact name and telephone number. Some fields are compulsory these are denoted by a star *.

If you wish, you can have an email alert sent to any email address you choose to type in the box provided. (you can use ‘My Profiles’ from the home page to enter your own email address for the alerts should you wish to receive them).


Other Details

CONSIGNMENT TYPE – Select Docs or Non-Docs. If you select non-docs for a Worldwide delivery address (none Europe) this will appear –


Pro Forma / Commercial Invoice

TYPE OF EXPORT – You will need to select from the following –

DAP Permanent Export – Denotes duties and taxes paid by the receiver

DDP Permanent Export – Denotes duties and taxes paid by the sender

Temporary Export – Denotes full import duty and taxes is not paid on the goods as they will be leaving the country again in a short time frame.

INVOICE NO – This is the commercial invoice number you will be sending with the goods in view, on the outside of the box in a documents enclosed envelope. It is advisable to provide 4 copies of the commercial invoice.

RECIEVER’S VAT NO – This is the receivers VAT number.


SERVICE – Select Euro (Road) or International (By Air)

PICKUP DATE – This will default to ready now or if you wish to book ahead overtype the date

ADDITIONAL COVER – Free Goods In Transit Liability cover is payable at a current rate of 2 SDR’s per full kilo sent. The SDR (Special Drawing Rights) is variable, an up to date rate against the Pound Sterling can be found on the internet. Currently DEL do not offer any additional cover other than that of the SDR rate stated above. Please see full Terms & Conditions as restrictions/exclusions apply.


Parcel Details

TOTAL PARCELS – Enter the number of items

TOTAL WEIGHT – Enter the total weight of the consignment, note the format is in 0.00 – Kilogrammes and grams. For example if a document weighs 300 grams it will be entered as 0.30. DEL will charge the actual weight or the volumetric weight whichever is the greater. If you enter a figure overweight you will still be charged for the weight you declare, unless the volumetric overrides this.

TOTAL DIMENSIONS (cm) – This is for non-documents (goods) please try to be as accurate as possible, all our freight is check weighed and measured.

ADD/EDIT PARCELS – Use this facility if you have more than one parcel. And/or you have non documents for Worldwide you will need to click ‘Add/Edit parcels’. This will produce a pop up box at the top of the page which you need to complete with details of the product. The HS Tariff/Commodity code field has a search ‘book’ at the side to help you find the commodity code for your product. By clicking the book it will direct you to the European Commission Website to help you establish the Commodity code of your product.


SUBMIT – After checking all your consignment details, by clicking submit you will be creating the consignment, booking a collection with us and producing a label. If the label does not print for whatever reason you can reprint it using the ‘Print Label’ facility on the home page. Please note if you do not send the consignment for whatever reason you will need to cancel it using the facility on the home page.


HOME PAGE – Once you have submitted your booking using ‘Enter Shipment’ you will need to print an airway bill and manifest sheet from the homepage. Please pass the manifest sheet to our collection driver and place the airway bill inside a document enclosed envelope stuck to the outside of your box or document.

We can supply you with plastic security satchels and A5 sticky back address labels should you require them.


All International transit times are none guaranteed, please add 1 additional day on to the transit times as these do not include the day of collection.


“We’re here to help” – Should you require any assistance whilst using our online booking website please do not hesitate to contact us –


DEL Direct Logistics Doncaster – 01405 766844

DEL Express Logistics Nottingham – 0115 9865000

DEL Express Logistics Stockport – 0161 4066009